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Advertising Agency

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An advertising agency is a business who's services general include creating, planning and handling advertising and promotions for its clients. An agency is independent from the client and media outlet and provides an outside point of view to the clients business and marketing goals. It may also offers a representative voice for the client when it comes to marketing and negotiating rates with a media outlet. Because the advertising agency works for the client not the media outlet, the it strives to work with-in a budget set by the client, and the get the client the most for their money.

Any size business can use an advertising agency. Several small to medium size business utilize such services as a cost saving method - because they may not have their own marketing department. Large corporations may use an agency because they can gather and plan large marketing campaigns that reach far beyond a businesses headquartered location.

The departments with in an advertising agency may include the following -

Creative Services - These are generally the copywriters for print, radio and tv scripts. It may also include art directors for print, tv and web marketing services.

Account Services - These are the people who go out into the field and negotiate rates with media outlets, maintain the day to day relationship between the agency and the client, and gather the details of the goals the client would like to achieve.

Production - These are the people who put the "Creative Services" scripts and art to work. They record, program and design the final pieces of production that they client has requested.

Research - This may be at times covered by account services, but some agency have complete research departments who will develop reports on a clients specific target customers, who they are, where they are and make suggestions as the best methods of reaching them.


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