Sunday, 17 November 2013

Do it Yourself Internet Marketing, Or Hire an Advertising Agency?

Posted by Sofia at 05:40

In the age of the Internet choosing to handle your online marketing efforts by yourself or hiring an advertising agency to handle them for you is an important decision. Many business owners are originally hesitant to invest in the expense of an advertising agency because they do not realize the difference a properly optimized website can make to their business. Few business people, in fact, will have the experience to properly optimize their website.

Before deciding to optimize your own website, there are some questions that you should ask yourself:

How important is Internet advertising to my company's growth? If you are a small, local company who only sales to local individuals, a heavy web presence may not be necessary. If you are hoping to make sales outside your local area, are expanding, or are in a competitive market, an effective Internet marketing campaign should be an important part of your marketing budget, and an advertising agency can help you out.

Do I understand how link building works? If you think you only need to add some other companies or customers to your links page to build an effective links web, you may want to consider hiring an advertising agency. Links that are added to your website should make your site more relevant and have a clear purpose. Links to websites that are unprofessional, have nothing to do with your website, or are loaded with ads are a sure turn-off, and will not help your website. You also need to obtain high quality inbound links pointing to your own website to convince the search engines of your relevance.

Can you add content to your website on a regular basis? An important part of Internet advertising is adding fresh and interesting content to your website. Frequent updates help your search engine standing, and interesting content keeps visitors coming back for more.

Do you understand meta-tags, keyword phrases and title pages? An experienced advertising agency does. They will help you come up with some high value keywords that relate to your website, and then insert these words into your site's meta-tags and title pages.

Still not sure whether you should hire an advertising agency or do it yourself? Many advertising agencies will work with you to initially set up your website for the best possible optimization, and then show you how to update it yourself. Other advertising agencies may do all of the search engine optimization, but allow you to write the content. If cost is an issue, consult with an advertising agency to determine what you can afford, and how your dollars are best spent. Most agencies have experience working with small business and others with limited funds, and can provide you with a variety of options. Money spent on effective marketing is never wasted.


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