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Body Building At Home: Who Can Do It

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Who can do body building at home? Are you game? Many ask whether you can effectively work all of the necessary muscles to tone, sculpt and grow a big muscular body without using all of the hi-tech equipment that you will find at a local gym?

You could always set up a home gym with your own workout equipment and then it would be relatively easy to follow a routine for body building at home. But, assuming that you don't or can't have a fully equipped home gym, what are the bare essentials that are needed for effectively building muscle?

Unfortunately, you aren't going to successfully design a body building routine at home without some exercise equipment. So, note that you can't hope to build serious muscle mass without some free weights.

Here are a few ideas for getting started on a shoestring budget. Since dumbbells are cheap and easy to store even in a small apartment or dorm room, they may be the first items to acquire. And for those of you that don't even have the money for dumbbells, say for teens without a job or on a tiny allowance, there are other ways of getting started. Using plastic water bottles, like the kind that you can grip in the middle as a handle, will do the job when filled. However, moving up to heavier weights will soon follow, so keep saving your allowance. You might also consider asking for a set of dumbbells for your next birthday or as a Christmas gift or as a random gift.

As a reminder, you will probably find that if family members actually see you working out routinely, they are more likely to help you out by giving you or helping you obtain additional exercise equipment. Asking for items before you even start working out may get you negative results from even your family. You will likely receive more positive support by waiting till you have been working out regularly for at least a month.

Adjustable Incline Bench
The next piece of equipment you will need is a combination flat incline adjustable bench. The cost is a bit more (consider buying used equipment) and the bench takes up more storage space also, but the number of exercises that you can do increase drastically as does your types of muscle definition. The simple fact is that an adjustable weight bench is going to be critical if you plan on doing any serious body building at home.

Barbell Weight Set
The final piece of basic workout equipment is a set of barbell weights. This completes the basic equipment, but does not mean you have to stop there at creating your home gym. Although both are great, you can manage with either dumbbells or a barbell. However, if you have the space for both and can manage to acquire them, you can add a larger dimension to your workouts.

Following a few basic guidelines, you will be able to have some very serious workouts with you simple home gym equipment.
1. routines should include bench press exercises with and without weights
2. dumbbell exercises include rows, curls, extensions and raises
3. barbell exercises include rows, curls, extensions and raises
4. design alternating workouts to work different muscle groups
5. allow for rest days during the week (muscles need to regenerate)

You ask, how long will it take before you see results? To bulk up overnight is everyone's dream, but that simply can't happen. Be patient and remain steady with your planned routines for body building at home and you should start to see results in a couple of weeks.


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