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Home Weight Training Equipment

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The myth about running to a gym for building a great physic is not actually true. Many body builders have often suggested that if one has the willingness of getting a great body and is determined enough to do everything to achieve that goal, then one can always get started with the noble idea of body building in their own home itself.

The main facts that have to be kept in mind while training in your home is the knowledge of the accurate methods of work outs, the diet constituents, the timing of your meal and also about the availability of all necessary equipments involved there in.

To start intense training sessions in your home, the primary equipment that you need is a dumbbell. A dumbbell is equipment which is mostly in need when you are going for weight training in your home. What you need is two dumbbell rods and four collars with screws or the availability of patent bolts that secure the weights to the dumbbell will also do.

If you are interested in intense weight training exercises then there is obviously a need of a barbell in your equipment list. The barbell consists of a steel bar which is around one inch in diameter. The length of the barbell may vary from four inch to six inch. It also requires four collars or patent screws to secure the weight to the barbell.

Coming to the choice of weights, you will find that weights are available n the shape of discs which are readily available in the market in varied sizes that starts from three inches and extends upward. The weight of the discs mentioned above may vary within a minimum weight of half lb to an extent of fifty lb or so. The choice is yours as you have to find it out that what amount of weight is compatible enough for you. These discs are often made up of iron but steel disks are also available in the market but they are hard to afford since they are quite costly.

A wooden board also known as the abominable board is of great help. The length of this board varies from two foot and six inches in length and around one foot six inch to two feet in width. It is also advisable sometimes to improvise a bench by keeping wooden logs underneath its kegs or a pile of books will be fine. Keep in mind that the height must be in between one foot to two feet. These benches are mainly needed when you are exercising while lying down. For comfort, you also put a piece of cloth on the bench. This will make exercising easier. This specific board can be varied in angles and also have many special uses. These are especially useful while performing some advanced form of sit ups, when your head is the lower end. By varying the angle it makes the corresponding exercise much more difficult.

Next in the list are iron boots. Iron boots are a special kind of equipment which you have to wear, strapped, over your training shoes. These shoes often weigh somewhere around eight lbs and have a groove where you can insert dumbbell rods and add weight to it for increasing the intensity and resistance. Iron boots are mostly used for leg, thigh and calf exercises. These exercises strengthen the thigh and calf muscles and also help in muscle separations. It is very important equipment for those who are keen on toning their thigh muscles.

Last but not the least, head harnesses should also be a part of your gymming equipment list. These are special head gears whish have fittings for addition of weight and the weights can be increased after advancement in the field of that specific work out. This equipment helps strengthening your neck and improving your neck and shoulder muscles.

Thus, having equipments like these with you will help you out in an instant kick start to your work out sessions for muscle building, anytime, anywhere.


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