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Do You Need a Full-Service Advertising Agency?

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As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Many entrepreneurs are choosing to systemize and outsource certain processes, making their businesses almost fully automated streams of income. A full-service advertising agency has many incredible advantages when it comes to outsourcing your ad and marketing design. A full-service company is one that handles all facets of advertising, from account management to market research, creative design to production and even media buying. Here are some of the particular advantages available to entrepreneurs.

One Stop for All Advertising Services

Many entrepreneurs do not feel comfortable outsourcing certain parts of their businesses, so they try to remain central to all processes, hiring out certain jobs here, a few tasks there. But eventually, the workload of managing multiple different agencies or creative professionals becomes a job in and of itself. With a full-service agency, you have access to a team of professionals to handle every need, while only having to manage one relationship. Usually, the team's account executive will make this process as easy on you as possible. You tell them what you want, and they plan, design, execute and report back for completely streamlined service, while keeping you in the loop.


The term 'integrated marketing' has quickly become a buzzword in the industry since the turn of the century. This term refers to integration of marketing across all mediums: online search and social, TV, radio, print, and more. If you hire out your advertising piecemeal, you will need a specialist for every medium. However a full-service company keeps such specialists on staff at all times, offering you seamless integration across platforms and a consistent brand message.

Specialization vs. General

It is common for many advertisers to promote themselves as specialists in a particular aspect of the field, for instance media buying, copy writing and ad design, or research. The logic is that it is easier to make a name for yourself if you are a top-notch specialist in one particular niche. While specialists may have a top strength in an especially narrow focus area, multiple focus areas need to be covered to advertise a business or offering effectively. Many of the more experienced ad agencies hire these specialists to create a well-rounded bench of talent that works together to create campaigns that are optimized on every level.

Groups Can Be Subject to Groupthink

Although a full-service company can collaborate with you and your staff through the entire advertising process, because of group dynamics they may not offer the same unique perspectives and creativity that you may get from working with several independent specialists. For instance, if you use a boutique creative ad agency, along with a professional online marketer, you may get distinct branding and design ideas from each that could be combined to form the perfect advertising plan. On the other hand, creatives working together in the same office may latch on to one idea without fully investigating others.

You Decide How Much to Outsource

Ultimately, how and whether you outsource your advertising will be entirely up to you. For many entrepreneurs, hiring comprehensive advertisement services allows them to effectively automate their business, freeing them to focus on strategy, growth, or just relaxing as they watch the cash flow in. If making the jump to total outsourcing seems like too big of a risk, consider outsourcing only certain services, perhaps the ones that you find most tedious. With time and experimentation you will easily be able to refine your business model to suit your ideal lifestyle.


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