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How to Build Up Muscle Tips - Learn How to Build Up Muscle at Home with 5 Essential Equipments

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Although the gym is almost the perfect place to initiate your muscle-building efforts, there are also many advantages as to why someone would want to learn how to build up muscle at home.

By learning how to build up muscle at home, you can probably start off with the light-weights first so as not to embarrass yourself in front of the hot-looking gym girls. You can also train shirtless and not care what others might think of your huffing and puffing.

Whatever reasons you might have to learn how to build up muscle at home, you will still need a good set of equipments to start with. There are 5 essential equipments you might want to invest in if you are seriously interested in working out at home.

1) An adjustable barbell with free-weight plates -- It might also be a good investment to get a cast iron set. Make it a point to buy enough weights so that you can progressively improve your performance every week.

2) Adjustable dumbbells -- Adjustable dumbbells are definitely more effective and cost-saving than having to buy the whole set of dumbbells. Make sure that you can buy both the barbell and dumbbells in one set.

3) A bench with incline adjustments -- This one is a must-have to perform bench presses and other seated routines. You should buy a good and sturdy inclined bench with safety catches for safety reasons, of course.

4) A chin-up bar -- You can easily get this one for 15 to 20 dollars and can be fixed on the inside of a door frame.

5) A squat rack -- Usually the squat rack is the most expensive equipment to buy, however it is definitely one of the more important pieces of your training equipment. Squats are an irreplaceable movement and should always be part of your muscle-building routine.

If you cannot afford a squat rack, then you have to explore alternative ways to allow safe ways of un-racking a loaded bar, in case your strength gives way during the lift.

So there you go. You can now learn how to build up muscle at the comfort of your own home with these 5 pieces of basic equipment. If you need further guides on how to maximize the full potential of these home gym equipment, feel free to visit the links provided below.


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