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How to Build Muscles Naturally

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The Unnatural Way To Build Muscles

You can certainly get the body you want instantly. There are so many ways to do this. You can buy some special undergarment that will wrap around and hide all those features that seem to hang out. Alternatively, these garments can also make other aspects of your body more pronounced or significant. We all know how good football players look when they are " padded-up". Many of us have also seen how muscular the ordinary Roman soldiers looked in their body armours!

Talking of instant body shaping,you can also do it through cosmetic surgery. You can even purchase muscle building steroids that are so readily available. Or you can buy expensive supplements. However, getting your body shaped this way and building your body with real muscles or getting rid of the unwanted pounds of fat naturally, are poles apart. Firstly, there is the risk factor. Secondly,are the consequences to your health in the long term. Thirdly, is the cost. It would not be necessary to list them further as the point would have been easily appreciated.

Building Muscles Naturally

Can you do so even if your are not genetically endowed? All those muscular guys and gals on the television, were they born skinny and did they build their muscles through grueling workouts at the gym? No supplements or steroids? Maybe not.The good news is that you can certainly build muscles or shape your body in a safe and natural manner. You do not have to be destined to be skinny and resort to unnatural means to break that destiny. But doing it the natural way does not mean that you have to:

  • Train like they do for the body building championships. If you do imitate them, there is the danger of over-training, injuries and illness.
  • Increase the amount of exercise. The more the better does not work here. Your muscles need time to recover. The trick is to increase the intensity of exercise not the amount. Too much exercise may result in the loss in size and strength of your muscles.
  • Take some supplement or protein powder or whatever else that is recommended. The question is who really gains? Dig deeper and you will find that many bodybuilding outfits and supplement manufactures and expert s are under one big umbrella in terms of ownership.
  • Purchase expensive body building equipment. These come with storage and maintenance problems not to mention cost.
  • Pay for membership in a fancy and expensive gym.

In starting any body building program, it is important to take into consideration personal profiles particularly in relation to certain physical conditions. These could include poor posture, weak core muscles, problems with flexibility, previous injuries, gait and balance problems, weak heart and poor lung strength. These conditions need specially tailored programs. Further any program of a similar nature, needs monitoring and supervision. A sensible meal plan is essential as nutrition plays a very important role of any fitness program let alone in building muscles.


In terms of food,avoid foods that are high in saturated and trans fat. Stay away from junk food. For cooking, substitute peanut oil and butter, with olive oil. Go for nuts and fish. Fish and flax seed provide Omega-3 fatty acids which is by far the most popular polyunsaturated fat. Go with carbohydrates that give energy. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes are preferred. Do not leave out proteins found in meat, eggs, milk and legumes.

As for exercise, stretch your muscles before every training session to prepare your body for exercise. Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds. Do a 5 to 10 minute warm-up to increase your heart rate, warm and loosen your muscles to help prevent pulled muscles and cramps. Avoid multiple workouts in a day. One complete workout a day is enough. Remember, your muscles need to recover and regenerate. Change your exercise routines at least once a month. Build muscles not bore them to death.


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