Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What Will An Advertising Agency Do For You, Really?

Posted by Sofia at 20:11

An advertising agency will get your business noticed by those you want to be noticed by. We build interest. We create excitement. If we do our job right, we tell your story like it's never been told before. If you do your job when new prospects come to you, your bottom line increases, exponentially in some cases. Despite this simple explanation, planning and executing an effective advertising campaign is anything but.

Consider that we are bombarded by hundreds and perhaps more than a thousand ad messages every day. We tune most of it out. Most of it doesn't even pique our interest. Effective advertising seems to be an insurmountable obstacle. Does anything really work? The short answer is yes.

To draw attention to your business, you have to think different. If all of your competitors are doing it, don't. You have to stand out, plain and simple. An advertising agency will work tirelessly with you to occupy a special place in the mind of your potential customers. It is both a systematic and creative approach. It is a matter of:

Finding the largest concentration of people who want what you sell (fishing in a barrel and not the ocean)

Developing your unique selling proposition

Telling your story like it's never been told before

Taking your message to places it's never been before

Using the Internet extensively to target your message

Challenging "traditional" forms of advertising

Encouraging you to develop and closely follow a plan

Testing of advertising methods

Do you need help from an advertising agency? Aren't they expensive with big retainer fees? Don't they only care about big businesses? Those are the typical questions that arise with most business owners. Everyone can use the help of an advertising agency. The reason is two-fold: you are spending most of your time working on your business--that which you know best, and an advertising professional can bring a lot to the table. She will analyze your business like never before and make recommendations that you may never have considered. She will help you use the most powerful advertising vehicle ever, the Internet. She will get you the best prices from newspapers, TV, Radio and Cable. She will bring a wealth of creative talent, no matter the size of your business and there won't be any retainer fee or other outrageous charges either.

If you really want to turn the corner with your business, consider using the services of an advertising pro. They will more than pay for themselves and you will learn to rely on them as a trusted adviser.

Choosing the advertising or marketing firm is best done on "feel". Do you clique with the firm? The fact that they've represented other companies likes yours or have an impressive portfolio shouldn't be the main criteria. Having them look at your business with fresh ideas and a brand new perspective should. You don't want a cookie-cutter approach to your advertising. You want a company who'll take the time to learn about you and build a program that will give you long, lasting business growth and the ability for you to live not only your business dreams, but your life dreams.


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